We had this day all planned out to go to the beach, relax a little and get ready for our cruise. Well the weather did not change any. I could post the same gloomy pictures from Saturday but I think you get the point. So after hanging around at the hotel for about an hour we decided that we either had to get out or we might just start hurting each other. So we looked at all the options and we had... Go to the beach, take a taxi to Kennedy Space Center and walk around in the rain, go to the beach, or go to the beach. Since we were going to get wet no matter what we did we decided that we would go to Kennedy.
Got lots of pictures so will just dump them here and you can browse.

Main Nasa Building

interesting fact...The US flag took 500 gal. of paint. It is the worlds tallest single story building. It is the largest painted US flag in the world.

NASA logo

Brian and Judi under NASA sign

Actual equipment used in the Apollo launches

Rocket Garden

Entrance into the rocket garden

Rocket Garden

Apollo rocket

Side view of Apollo rocket

Rocket engine

Brian by model of Apollo

Judi by Rocket model

Brian & Judi

Actual rocket capsule used in flight

Rocket capsule

Stage 1 rockets

Brian in front of Stage 1 rocket

Judi by stage 4 rocket

Brian in front of Stage 4

Explorer nose

Judi in front of Cargo bay of Explorer

Explorer tail


Shuttle Simulation Building

We went on a ride that simulated the launch of the Space shuttle. Obviously can't do the 3 G's but it sure felt like it. It was REALLY cool.

Shuttle crawler

Travels a whooping 4 MPH and takes the shuttle to the launch pad

Shuttle Pad

If you zoom in you will see the space shuttle on the pad waiting for takeoff. We missed the launch by 1 scheduled day, but actually 2 days due to weather.

Shuttle Pad

Another shot of the shuttle pad zoomed in a little

Shuttle Pad

Another shot even closer, taken from 3 miles away

New launch pad

This was the pad for the new launch site but is being shut down by the Obama administration.


Kennedy Space center looking to lay off 5000 people if Obama shuts down the new launches into outer space.
All the ideas, and new compounds, etc that NASA design or come up with are open for patent to the first company that files it. They are not allowed to patent any of their inventions. Guess I should keep my eyes out on their inventions and try and beat the other million companies looking at them also.
Well not much else going on this day so lets head on over to Monday.
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